These past 2-days have been the best time I’ve had for a while.  When Gretchen asked me to be her student I was honored!  Although I had taken a few painting classes in the past, I learned new things, especially how to paint a face!!!  I didn’t have the confidence to try this before but decided to jump in.  Gretchen’s enthusiasm and excitement for the art process was enlightening and gave me the confidence I needed to “let go”!!  I loved that we began meditation to find my “Lady” leading me into the forest out of fear but into the “unknown”.  This experience I’ll treasure for a long, long time.  I can’t wait to show my family what I created.  I don’t think I could have found my inner lady if Gretchen wasn’t so darn good at bringing the joy & excitement out in me to create!!

Thank You,




An individual class with Gretchen is a student’s dream class.  Gretchen listens to your needs and teaches to your level of ability.  As a complete beginner, with no previous drawing or acrylic training, I came in with no expectations and an open mind to learn as much as I could, given the time constraints and my limited skills.  The result was far beyond what I could have imagined: a portrait of my Soul Siren.

     I can vouch for the fact that a true beginner can wholly benefit from this experience and learn more about both her belief system and the manifestation of that system through artistic expression.  Gretchen’s dual background in psychology and art is ideal for this experiential learning.